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Jen the Fangirl: Never leave a show behindfangirljen on November 28th, 2006 05:08 pm (UTC)
Putting on the Mod Hat, OMG!
It's a casting bit, which therefore makes it HIGHLY SPOILERLISH! Casting changes, for outgoing more than incoming, are considered spoilerly. Some people don't want to know about the incoming, but most people, unless open to spoilers, don't want to know about the outgoing.

Some people don't follow the rumors, but go out of their way to ignore said rumors.

It's just a nice thing to offer a cut, or a link, to information which has not officially come out on the screen yet.

It's always good to have spoiler cuts around for at least a season, that way you aren't spoilering people who have not been able to see the show yet. We should see lots of this happening when Canada and the UK get the second half of SG-1 and SGA before the US does. But wherever it shows first, there will be spoiler cuts to offer courtesy.

Thanks for changing the info into a link!